THALIA was built in Samos in 1935 from pine and mulberry woods, selected trees of the islands of the island, by the order of the ship owner Mr. Ganosis the shipbuilder.

The boat belonged to the "VARKALA" type, it was commercial and transported mainly animals and wood. According to the testimonies of captains of that time, he was "The little giant of the Aegean".

The toughest ship, which later proved to be involved in the '41 war and its dangerous mission to Egypt.



The war 1940 found it loading timber, the Germans captured the crew, which was then released and returned by boat to Greece.

After the occupation of Crete, THALIA fled to Egypt and was used as 1943 as a minesweeper. He then joined LS 34 in the semi-helium flotillas that were formed in the Middle East to support British raids in the Aegean.

After World War II, THALIA continued to serve in the ranks of the Greek Royal Navy as a minesweeper, until 1949.



After the war, THALIA was bought in Isthmia of Corinth and rebuilt in Perama by the shipbuilder Psarros.

The type of boat was changed to "LIBERTY", it was given the name MARO and now worked as a fishing boat in the North Aegean.

The locals called it "The magic boat", as he dared to travel at 8 Beaufort from Porto Koufo to Lemnos, while other boats were stranded there.



The 2005 a terrible fire breaks out on the ship, for unknown reasons, resulting in the destruction of a large area of ​​the deck, which was then rebuilt according to the original.

The 1995 changes hands and identity again, since then it turns into a "traditional" wooden, tourist yacht. ARABELLA now functions as a cafe-bar and gives another dimension of romance to Thessaloniki and beyond.

During the following years, it anchored in various ports, including those of Perea, Platamonas with a final destination in the Thermaic Gulf.

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By decision of the Ministry of Culture (specifically the no. According to the provisions of Law 3028/02, the wooden boat ARABELLA, registered in Thessaloniki 314, is connected with the companies that were carried out in the Eastern Mediterranean during the Second World War and therefore it is a boat with proven historical value.



ARABELLA has been loved by the world, they have become this many events: such as his participation in those of the Ministry of Culture. on the subject of ancient ports in the Thermaic Gulf, photos for fashion magazines, video clips and countless receptions and parties.

He makes many 30-minute trips every day starting point at the White Tower, heading towards the commercial port and back. Its capacity is about 160 people.


ARABELLA is 25 meters long and 20 m high (14 m. Mast), while its draft is 2.8 meters.


At least once a year - during the winter months - the ship is towed to a shipyard, in order to maintain - renovate in the best possible way, a very expensive process, which is necessary for the proper operation of the ship.

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